We are a Human resources agency

Get hired with access to job postings that suits your career

We provide services ranging from outsourcing, business consultancy and capacity building.

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We are a Human resources agency

We Provide high-end services to suit your career needs

We provide services ranging from outsourcing, business consultancy and capacity building.


About Team

We are Leaders in HR services

THIAND NIGERIA is an HR and Business Solutions provider. Incorporated in 2018, THIAND NIGERIAand its diverse staff of seasoned professionals represent a passion for capacitating businesses, deploying cutting-edge industry-leading solutions and service delivery techniques informed by our experience and familiarity with doing business in our chosen markets.

Our Services

Human Resources

THIAND NIGERIA is dedicated to offering world-class human resource management services that continually surpass our clients’ expectations by assembling a cohesive team of qualified Human Resource managers and intelligent leaders. Through our HR services, our clients may expect to see considerable cost savings as well as increased efficiency and production.

Business Consultancy

We can all agree that outsourcing is cost-effective, dependable, and allows you to stay ahead of the game. A true partnership between customer and supplier is essential to obtain all of these commercial benefits, which is where THIAND NIGERIA comes into play. We provide one of the top quality consulting and advisory services in the world, as we try to provide only the best to our clients from diverse industries throughout the world.


As nutrition advisors, we assist in the development of eating programs that encourage a healthy metabolism, immune system, and body weight. You would be involved in the following activities as a nutrition consultant: Clients’ present eating habits are discussed and analyzed. Providing information to clients about the importance of certain diets and nutrients. Examining medical records to assess specific dietary needs, creating meal plans for individuals to enhance health and well-being, and so on.


For our clients, we have an immediate need to fill the jobs stated below.

Administrative Assistant

  1. Organize office and assist associates in ways that optimize procedures
  2. Create  and update records ensuring accuracy and validity of information
  3. Schedule and plan meetings and appointments
  4. Resolve office-related malfunctions and respond to requests or issues
  5. Maintain trusting relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues
  6. Perform receptionist duties when needed

Sales Representative

  1. Develop a brand style guide to ensure consistency in marketing efforts
  2. Create a multi-channel marketing content strategy
  3. Manage external partners for marketing collateral creation
  4. Write marketing messages for online and offline campaigns


  1. Meet with clients and identify their dietary needs by assessing their health, exercise routine, and food habits.
  2. Simplify important information to clients and explain the benefits of staying on a healthy diet.
  3. Oversee the consultation calendar to ensure efficiency.
  4. Offer advice on how to stay healthy and provide support to help clients with their progress.
  5. Develop and help implement personalized nutrition plans for clients.
  6. Help establish short and long-term goals.

Graduate Management Trainees

  1. Learn across various departments in the organization that would help you explore and choose a career path; Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and Business Development, Administration, and Finance
  2. Learn some major work ethics that will help you thrive in the workplace
  3. Build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication
  4. Develop and refine your skills

General Requirements

  1. Must have OND/HND/BSc in related field of study, MSc is a plus
  2. Must possess leadership and organizational skills
  3. Must have excellent communication and presentation skills
  4. Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  5. Must have problem-solving aptitude
  6. Must not be more than 35 years of Age.

Apply By Sending your CV to admin@thiand.com.ng